Membership Eligibility

Membership of the KNASW is available to applicants holding either an KNASW approved social work qualification or qualifications from overseas that have been recognised by the AASW as comparable to an AASW approved social work qualification. Please refer to the notes below for more details:

Kenya Qualified social workers
An KNASW accredited Bachelor of Social Work degree or Master of Social Work (qualifying) is required for entry into the profession of social work, and to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for KNASW membership. Please view the complete list of programs currently accredited. There are a number of discontinued courses, which also provide eligibility for membership.

Internationally qualified social workers
If you have completed social work studies overseas (outside Kenya) you need to apply for an assessment of these qualifications to determine if you are eligible for KNASW membership. This is separate process to a Migration Skills Assessment. Please click here for further information.

Social Work students
Students enrolled in an KNASW accredited BSW or MSW (qualifying) and those already eligible for KNASW membership and undertaking full time Masters or Doctoral social work studies.

Discontinued Courses
Please see the list of discontinued courses that will also provide eligibility for membership of the KNASW. Please note all new applicants who hold qualifications pre-1974, which are less than four years of tertiary degree-level study, will be required to provide evidence of relevant employment in the social welfare field for at least 50% of the time following completion of the course.

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