Some Current Promotions with Online Casino Bonuses

The strong competition between online gaming sites has made casinos develop a series of promotions to win all types of customers. Thus, it is possible to find advertisements that offer, especially to new players, the possibility of receiving cash prizes to bet without having to pay anything.

However, these advertisements are not always clear. Most of the time, it is necessary to make deposits to earn the bonus and, once the transfer of funds has been made, there is no way to revert it without placing the bets. To get the money back you need to win the bets not only with the funds that theoretically have been offered for free but also with the amount that the player deposited.

Before accepting any of these promotions, it is necessary to carefully read all the conditions offered, which are not always clear in the first interactions with casinos.

Its entry promotion offers 20 Euros for new players and does not require any type of deposit. Internet users only need to download their betting program and install it on their computers.

For those who want to make a deposit, the casino offers the possibility to triple the amount transferred by the new player. So, if the player makes a deposit of 100 euros, his opening account will have 400 euros, since the site complements the amount. There is, however, a limit. The maximum supplement is 1888 euros. The casino allows the amount of the first deposit to be withdrawn at any time.

Customers who participate in the loyalty program get even more benefits if they are subscribed to promotions targeted at regular users.

Eu Casino

Eu Casino promises a welcome bonus of 5250 Euros. However, to get this amount it is necessary to make five deposits, each with pre-established values.

Initially, the player has to deposit 1000 euros. He automatically earns another 1000 euros to risk in his games. The second time, you will have to deposit 500 euros and then the casino will then offer another 500 euros. The process continues like this until reaching the value of 5250 Euros. In other words, to achieve this bonus, the player will have to deposit the same amount.

This casino also has a number of other promotions, but all directly related to deposits.

Europa Casino

Offers a welcome reward of 2400 Euros. But this bonus is also linked to the number and value of deposits made. It is paid in instalments with monthly and weekly premiums. To receive all the money you need to remain a customer for a period of 12 months and make regular deposits.

This same group of casinos has similar offers in other versions, although the values ​​are different. The Winner Casino and William Hill even offer 4400 Euros, while the JackpotCity gives only 500 Euros.

Bet won

Apostau Ganhou is aimed at Brazilians and offers a registration premium of up to 100%. But you must make a deposit and the amount paid by the site does not exceed US$ 100. There are other bonus offers, but these are linked to deposits or referrals of new customers.


It also offers a 100% first deposit bonus. The minimum amount for the first transfer of funds is 20 Euros and the reward offered never exceeds 600 Euros.

All Slots

All Slots offers a 100% bonus for deposits up to US$200. It also offers a 10% reward on subsequent deposits as long as this amount does not exceed US$450 monthly.

Party Casino

It features a $3000 bonus for new players but requires a deposit of the same amount and the first transfer of funds cannot be less than $750. This promotion only applies to games called slots.

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